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About Us

Yeditepe University, located in Istanbul, where history and modern life completes each other flawlessly, was founded by the Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation (ISTEK) in 1996. Being a foundation framed by the higher education law and having a legal entity, as well as financial and administrative freedom, Yeditepe University offers its students educational and social facilities in one main campus, at 26 August Campus, on the Asian side of Istanbul.

The Selchuk architecture inspires the campus buildings which are exclusively built to meet all the needs of the students, from culture to sports. Yeditepe University Model United Nations Club, or simply Y-MUN, has been a non-profit student Model United Nations community, whose aim is to train its members, who are interested in international relations, politics, and law for the simulations of United Nations since 2007. Club members, who participate in Model UN conferences both in Turkey and abroad, have the chance to experience being a United Nations diplomat. Since its foundation the Club had many members and currently has approximately 600 members. The conferences, which are organized by Y-MUN Club are as follows: Justinianus Moot Courts (JMC) is particularly for law students, who are interested in international law and court simulations, or the ones who took international law, or related classes. Model United Nations Istanbul Conference (MUNIST), which is held annually in Istanbul, where the continents meet, hosts highly-experienced MUNers from all over the world. Yeditepe Model United Nations Training and Development Conference (Y-MUN), where the journey begins, for the beginners to train themselves and experienced participants, who would like to enhance themselves for their MUN Journey. Y-MUN Training and Development Conference has a special place among the conferences in Turkey with the aim of targeting the participants, especially in high school, to teach them MUN and get them involved in international politics. Besides teaching and training the participants who are new beginners in the MUN world, Y-MUN is also a place for the experienced MUNers with its distinction of being a conference which brings experience and create a developmental environment. With its tenth annual session, Model United Nations Istanbul Conference is taking a crucial step towards revision and renovation in every way possible. From committees to the departments of the Operations Team, you will meet the new, fresh and enthusiastic team and witness the perfection. Meet where the continents meet!

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