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Cabinet of Lyndon B. Johnson

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Our mission is at once the oldest and the most basic of this country: to right wrong, to do justice, to serve man.”

Lyndon B. Johnson – 1965

35th President of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated on 22nd November 1963 making the Vice President of that time Lyndon Baines Johnson became the 36th President of the United States. His 2 two years passed facing various challenges, developing different domestic and international policies on human rights and U.S. Economy, confronting an armed conflict in the Far East. Lyndon B. Johnson was elected in 1964 U.S. Presidential Elections taking one of the highest majorities in U.S. history, his first term as elected President continued with an ongoing Cold War, the communist threat, economic instability, and external disputes with foreign countries. President Johnson’s Cabinet will face the pressure and tension of the world in the 1960s, under Johnson administration, trying to deal with domestic issues whereas combatting in the Far East, where cabinet members will write the history again, in Vietnam.