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East Asia Summit

  • Agenda Item 1:

    Enhancing the use of waste management with an emphasis on combating marine plastic debris

  • Agenda Item 2 :

    Taking measures for the security of information and communications technology

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The East Asia Summit is a forum where issues, with regional ordeals taking precedence, are discussed and decisions are made. It was originally comprised of 16 countries from East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. However, the number of member states expanded to 18 after the United States of America and the Russian Federation joined in 2011. EAS meetings are held after the annual ASEAN leaders’ meetings and play an important role in the regional architecture of Asia-Pacific. The Summit, much like of its member countries, is home to issues that are vast and expansive. Internal civil unrest, climate change, economic research, and international disputes are regularly tabled during meetings.