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JCC: Gallic War

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Will you be leading the legions of Rome and march to the lands of barbarians to rule over them, or will you teach filthy southerners a lesson, making them regret the day they even thought of leaving their weak lands and dare to step in your territories of your ancestors?

After several controversial years in Rome full of with making a name as well as enemies, as a part of a grand political move, young and promising Julius Caesar was sent far away from the heart of the empire, to Gaul, where fearless natives tribes would still spread horror to the souls of the bravest watchmen. The aristocracy thought Gaul would be the end of this radical, populist and challenging man’s career, thinking that the sea of debt he is in and the crippled legions he had under his command would do him no good. But, can the golden eagle of Rome be tamed so fast? In JCC: Gallic War, delegates will have a chance to experience one of the most unique periods of the Roman Empire. The newly conquered territories of Gaul are willing to go back to their previous owners, local tribes that started to become more and more united under the leadership of charismatic Vercingetorix with a common enemy at hand: Rome, who has Julius Caesar, eager to carve his name to the map, pay his debts and crash any living being that may dare to challenge his authority and plans.