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United Nations Human Rights Council

  • Agenda Item 1:

    The impact of the digital age on the promotion and protection of all human rights

  • Agenda Item 2 :

    Fighting the contemporary forms of slavery

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The United Nations Human Rights Council, formerly known as the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, is a body inside the United Nations order that the General Assembly created on 15 March 2006 replacing the Commission on Human Rights after its run for 60 years. Since then the Council has been taking up the functions of the Commission that revolves around developing and guarding human rights across the globe. UNHRC works to detect any human rights breaches and eliminate those by assessing the violations and offering improvements on the issues. The Council performs as a platform that brings together all the human rights-related non-governmental organizations and governmental institutions. The representatives of the 47 Member States come together at the UN Office at Geneva after being chosen by the UN General Assembly.